“To create is frequently to form the life of others, but in some cases it can contribute to deform and even to damage—or destroy—the life of others. Thus education for design can be indifferent neither socially nor culturally, because design is not indifferent. Education for design is education for responsible creativity.”

—Tomàs Maldonado

Courses Taught

  • GRPH 206 Type I – Introduction to Typography, where students explore the foundational elements of type, from letterforms to layout, and their application in design.
  • GRPH 306 Type II – A continuation of typography studies that delves deeper into the complexities of typographic systems and hierarchy within various forms of visual communication.
  • GRPH 406 Advanced Typography – This course challenges students to master sophisticated typographic projects, focusing on conceptual development, execution, and the role of typography in complex projects and information design.
  • GRPH 408 Brand Identity- In this upper-level course students develop social impact ventures and design a brand identity and associated touchpoints that support its mission, vision, and values and extends its positioning.
  • GRPH 410/497 Senior Portfolio / Capstone A capstone course designed to help students develop a professional portfolio that showcases their design expertise and personal brand as well as develop a capstone research-based design project.
  • GRPH 313 Interaction Design
  • GRPH 380 Wayfinding, Signage, and Exhibition Design
  • GRPH 392 Type Design: Digital and Analog
  • GRPH 498E: Social Entrepreneurship and Design for Social Impact

Study Abroad Courses

  • GRPH 392 Scandinavian Design
  • ART 392 Scandinavian Design and Culture